Jacob Weber

Recording Samples

Here is information on some of my previous recording projects. The audio files are in MP3 format:

Invisible Days, by Andrew Shapiro

Recorded and mixed EP of art-pop songs. Visit the composer's web site for details. You can download the song "Moon's Reflection." [sample - 379K] [full - 2.6MB]

99 Cent Dreams, by Makar

Recorded album of indie-rock songs. You can listen to samples from the band's web site.

The Offbeats

Recorded full-length CD for this a capella pop and jazz group, based in Oberlin College. A later incarnation of the group still exists. You can download the song "Goldmine." [sample - 364K] [full - 1.7MB]

New York Counterpoint, performed by Campbell MacDonald, composed by Steve Reich

Recorded and edited clarinetist Campbell MacDonald's performance of this minimalist piece for 11 clarinets. You can download the third movement. [sample - 379K] [full - 2.4MB]